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Welcome to Blue Helium Sky – a website for words and music. I have been interested in the combination of poetry and music since discovering the songs of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Donovan and others in my late teens. This led me among other  things to major in English Literature at the University of Cincinnati where I received a B.A. in that field of study. I have always felt that music adds a dimension to a poem and vice a versa. There are poems of Yeats and Poe among others that have been set to music to beautiful effect I believe. My intent with this website is to share my efforts at creating something similar.

Ten years ago, I found a company in Florida, Edlee  Music, that writes music for poetry. They also record CDs of the resulting songs.  They have provided the vocals and instrumentals for the majority of the tracks here. In my  opinion, their efforts in musical composition, vocal and instrumental accompaniment for my poems have been outstanding. In the  last two updates to my site, I have also added  some  poems I’ve set to music using iPhone apps. As of my update in July 2015, I am adding poems I have set to music using the Microsoft Songsmith program.

As I mentioned,  I have a background in the study of literature.  Additionally, I have taken poetry writing courses at the University of Washington Extension and the Richard Hugo House in Seattle. Some of my poems have appeared in local literary journals and anthologies. I have a website for my latest book of poetry with iUniverse at

I grew up mostly in Maryland and Ohio and have lived in Seattle since 1976. My interests include World history, cinema, music, poetry and baseball. I have worked at a variety of clerical and manual labor jobs over the years.

I hope you will enjoy this website.

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